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What kinds of spring machines are there?

Publisher: Administrator Date:2021-11-10

Spring machine generally refers to the mechanical equipment for the production of springs. At present, there are automatic and NC types.  
According to the functional characteristics, it is divided into spring compression machine, spring tension machine, universal machine, disc machine and special spring machine, such as snake spring machine and spring torsion machine. According to the driving mode, it is divided into semi-automatic, automatic, numerical control and computer-controlled high-end spring machines, including FMU series, ful series of WAFIOS and fmk series specially developed for double torsion. The medium and high-end spring machines include TM series, SH series and Itaya's ax series, RS series, Taiwan's northeast en5 series and Guanghong KHm series. The conventional middle-end markets include max, JYF, Yongteng, huayida, Hedong and Xinda. There are a large number of equipment manufacturing industries in China's Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, with a certain share in the low-end market.

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