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What is the development of the current spring machine market?

Publisher: Administrator Date:2021-11-10

From the international situation, the German machine is in the leading position, followed by Japan, and Taiwan is in the third place, followed by the domestic spring machine. China is a big country in demand for spring products, and the demand for spring machine equipment is also relatively large. Because the price of imported machines is relatively expensive, many users are deterred.  
From the domestic situation, Dongguan was once known as "the world's small factory" and "the hometown of spring machine". Dongguan spring machine is the representative of the continuous development of domestic spring machine equipment and new technology. Such as Chuang Chuang, Yongteng, Maisi, Jinyuanfa and Jinding. Although domestic goods should be self-improvement, Chinese people only recognize the price ratio, and a variety of unbalanced development patterns are highlighted, which makes some speculative manufacturers take advantage of it, suppress the market with the price advantage, and then make the market very chaotic, so as to fish in troubled waters, make huge profits, and give voice to users. Engaged in the spring machine equipment industry for many years, each enterprise's development concept is different, the quality of the spring machine is high and low, and the derived market positioning and price are different. It is suggested that when users buy spring machines, price reference is on the one hand, and quality, word-of-mouth and after-sales service are also very important. They should not listen to one side of the manufacturer's words, let alone covet temporary cheapness.

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