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How to program CNC spring machine?

Publisher: Administrator Date:2021-11-10

CNC spring machine is a fully automatic spring machine equipment composed of computer control and servo drive system. Compared with traditional mechanical spring coiling machine and semi-automatic self-mechanical spring machine, CNC spring machine has more intelligent operation and saves some labor, but it is inseparable from manual participation in product debugging. Manager Li, who created the spring machine, gave a warm reminder: the commissioning of NC spring machine is divided into tooling installation and computer program editing, in which the editing part of computer program is referred to as programming for short.  
How to program CNC spring machine? Taking the three-axis eight claw spring machine as an example, when the tooling is placed in the appropriate position, switch an editing mode on the computer screen and operate with an assistant rocker, in which X-axis represents the camshaft, Y-axis represents the wire feeding shaft and z-axis represents the rotating mandrel. Each time the hand rocker is operated, the corresponding value of the shaft will appear. Press "enter" to record the current position value, Values can also be entered manually. After editing the program instruction, zero the x-axis and Z-axis and "test" later. If there is a gap between the processed product and the required product, it can be corrected in the editing mode until it is close to the specification of the required product.

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